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Olive Portable Oxygen Concentrator 5L

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Olive produces oxygen concentrator , a kind of machine that makes oxygen, and its principle is to use air separation technology.Air with high density of the reuse of compressed air condensation point of each component in the different in a certain temperature for gas-liquid separation and further distillation and molecular sieve's adsorption performance, and can be used by physical principles, with large displacement oil free compressor for the power, the nitrogen and oxygen in the air separation, end up with a high concentration of oxygen.This type of oxygen producing machine produces oxygen rapidly, oxygen concentration is high, suitable for all kinds of people oxygen therapy and oxygen health care.Electricity consumption is low, an hour's cost is only a quarter of the money, use price is low. Olive production of battery oxygen concentrator is easy to use, mobile and light, suitable for the use of health care.Car household two - purpose, can be suitable for household, also can use car power to put on the car to use.Oxygen is a colorless and odorless gas, which is an important material for the survival of the human body, and is also an important material for other animals and plants to survive.Without oxygen the natural world would be lifeless, devoid of life, and its importance as water.It has a wide range of applications, from all walks of life to oxygen, including health care and beauty care.Home oxygen concentrator working principle:using molecular sieve physical adsorption and desorption. Molecular sieve oxygen generator in loading, when the pressure in the air can be nitrogen adsorption, the remaining oxygen is collected, which are not absorbed after purification treatment becomes a high purity of oxygen.Molecular sieve adsorption in relief when the nitrogen emissions to the environment in the air, the next time preparing the pressurization and adsorption of nitrogen and oxygen, the whole process for periodic dynamic cycle, molecular sieve is not consumed.

 Portable Oxygen Concentrator Product Specificatior

Portable Oxygen Bar/Cheap Portable Oxygen Concentrator 5l/Medical Portable Medical Apparatus Model No OLV-B1
Flow Rate 0-5L/min
Power Consumption 90W
Purity Oxygen ≥93%±3%(1LPM)
Voltage AC220V / AC110V
Outlet pressure 20kPa~60kPa
Noise Less than 45db
Net Weight 5kg
Dimension: 245*181*365 (mm)
Warranty 2 years
Portable Oxygen Concentrator Accessories:
Litum Battery
1 pieces
humidifier Bottle
1 pieces
Battery Recharger
1 pieces
4 pieces
Power Cord
1 pieces
Oxygen nasal pipe
1 pieces
Car Inveter
1 pieces
1 pieces
Carrying bag
1 pieces
Instruction Book
1 pieces
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