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Foot Operated Dispenser (500ml - 1L)

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Dispenser - Foot Operated Sanitiser Stand - Stainless steel

Fits 500ml to 1L bottles

Foot Operated Sanitiser Stand - An Inventive Sanitizing Dispensing Unit that was Recently Developed to Assist in Curbing the Effects of the Covid19

With multiple challenges the world is facing, the team developed a turn key solution to illuminate the contagion effects of the virus when it comes to sanitizing ones hands.
The world health Organisation has encouraged the frequent use of hand sanitizers in the work place and all public areas.
This inventive santising dispensing units benefits:
– promotes social distancing- eliminates staff members for dispensing sanitizers
– prevents people touching
– stainless steel body
– free standing – does not need to be installed on a wall , no requirement for drilling
– fits most common sanitizer pump bottles 500ml – 1 liter
  • Bottles not included
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