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DEDAKJ 2-9L/min Dual Flow Portable Oxygen Concentrator

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Note: This is an auxiliary device and cannot be used to relieve serious illness or relieve people who use medical oxygen to maintain life.

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Oxygen generator function:

1. The negative ion function is 6 million/cm3
2. Timing function up to 180 minutes
3. Power saving mode (22% power saving compared with peer benchmark).
4. Sleep mode
5. Automatic shutdown protection
6. Infrared remote control
7. Oxygen accumulation
8. System oxygen function
9. Support 2 people breathe oxygen at the same time
10. Comprehensive touch screen control function
11 Relative oxygen concentration: 2L 90%, 3L 75%, 4L 70%, 5L 60%, 6L 50%, 7L 45%, 8L35%, 9L30%

Features of the oxygen generator:

1. The portable oxygen generator adopts PSA (pressure swing adsorption) technology to obtain high-purity oxygen.
2. Especially suitable for home care, outdoor travel, cars, etc.
3. Effective value improves sleep in the elderly

Quality specifications:

Size: 404 mm * 182 mm * 303 mm

Style: oxygen rod
Ambient temperature: 0-40°C
Atmospheric pressure range: 96-106kpa
Air volume: 51-150m1503;/
Oxygen concentration (%): oxygen concentration 30%-90%
Product Net Weight: 16 pounds rated
Power (W): 230W
Applied voltage: AC110V

Working principle:

This machine is powered by AC110V power supply and uses air as raw material. Use French original high-quality molecular sieve, adsorbed by PSA underneath

The package includes:

1 *Oxygen concentrator
1 *3 meters oxygen pipe (including storage water equipment)
1 *Ear hook type oxygen inhaler
1 *Nasal Oxygen Tube
1 *Remote control
1 *Power cord
1 *Nasal oxygen outlet
1 *Air filter and plastic cover
1 *Oxygen outlet and fuse
1 *User manual and certificate
1 *Warranty card

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