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Clemens® Complete Econo Adult Diapers Single (Medium) (Pack of 14 Diapers)

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Pack Size: 14 Pieces

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Clemens® Complete Econo Adult Diapers (Medium)

All-in-one protection with high absorption levels and security against leakage.

The adjustable 2-layer side tape system ensures a secure, comfortable fit around the body and can be continually readjusted without tearing the product. Making use of our innovative new Acquisition layer means that liquid is quickly dispersed away from the surface of the diaper ensuring that the wearer remains dry. The super-absorbent core rapidly absorbs urine and retains it away from the body.

Size Guide

Description Size Waist Measure to Fit Diapers per Packet Ultra absorbancy Plus absorbancy

Clemens Complete Small

Small 60 - 80 cm 14 high normal

Clemens Complete Medium

Medium 70 - 110 cm 14 high normal

Clemens Complete Large

Large 100 - 150 cm 14 high normal

Clemens Complete X-Large

X-Large 150 - 170 cm 14 high N/A
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