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Breeze Oxygen 9L Natural + Mega Oxygen 90 Capsules

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Breeze Oxygen 95% pure oxygen in a can

New and improved: now with stronger oxygen releases, guaranteed number of bursts, and improved mouthpiece.

Feeling stressed and fatigued? Recovering from a medical condition, an intense workout, or just need an extra boost? Raise your oxygen levels with 3J Medical® Breeze Oxygen.

Breeze Oxygen provides you with 95% pure natural oxygen, allowing you to increase your oxygen levels in a safe and easy way.  Breathe with Eeze whenever you need with this lightweight disposable canister.


Health, Wellness and Beauty:

  • Assists with recovery from Covid, asthma and other respiratory diseases.
  • Improves muscle recovery, tissue repair and blood circulation.
  • Improves brain function, mental clarity, stamina, and over all well-being.
  • Relieves symptoms of fatigue, stress and anxiety, migraines, hangovers, jetlag and much more.
  • Reduces symptoms of dementia, memory loss and other debilitating age-related conditions.
  • An increase intake of oxygen has been shown to drastically improve skin conditions for a clearer and smoother complexion.
  • Supports collagen production in the skin.

Sports and Fitness:

  • Oxygen supplementation is said to be one of the most powerful and efficient methods of detoxifying the body and cleansing the blood, which is why it is often used by professional athletes to speed muscle recovery after exertion. It also assists with increased endurance levels during physical exercise.
  • Portable oxygen is often used in competitive sports or strenuous recreational activities like mountain climbing, skiing, hiking, biking, running etc.
  • Assists mountain climbers with additional oxygen required at higher altitudes.
  • Convenient and lightweight for ease of portability.

PLEASE NOTE: Breeze Oxygen is not a replacement for prescribed medical grade oxygen. This product is intended for recreational use only and can be used as a supplemental therapy to increase oxygen levels. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disorder or disease.

The amount of inhalations available in a can will depend on the user: some people prefer short one-second breaths, while others prefer deeper inhalations of up to three to five seconds. On average the 9L Breeze Oxygen can will provide up to 150 x one second inhalations, the 12L Breeze Oxygen can will provide up to 280 x one second inhalations, and 18L Breeze Oxygen can will provide up to 400 x one second inhalations.

What is Oxygen Therapy?

Oxygen therapy is a unique scientifically proven natural therapy which creates an environment within the body where disease cannot thrive. Decades of research has highlighted the fundamental truth that the primary cause of all diseases is linked in one way or another to oxygen deficiency. However, when the human body is supplied with abundant amounts of oxygen, cancer cells, harmful bacteria, toxins, viruses, pathogens and disease microorganisms are destroyed as they cannot survive in an environment where oxygen levels are high. Treatment through this therapy does not cure disease, but enables the body to heal itself.

Oxygen cannot cure any disease unless it saturates the cellular structures and tissues of the body. For oxygen to eradicate disease, it must be delivered not just to the lungs, and not just to the bloodstream, but to the cells and tissues. The two-time Nobel Prize-winning doctor, Otto Warburg, shocked the world when he revealed that most disease is caused by insufficient levels of oxygen in the body. Dr Warburg showed that if you deprive a cell of 35% of the required level of oxygen for 48 hours, then the cells are likely to become cancerous.

People are becoming increasingly aware of the detrimental, even dangerous, side effects found in several traditional and conventional chemically based medicines and often prefer to opt for a more natural, less aggressive approach to personal health and healing.

The benefits of Mega Oxygen ™

Mega Oxygen is a natural therapy that assists the body to heal itself. It supports general health and well-being, including poor blood circulation, detox, migraine headaches, open sores/wounds/gangrene, allergies, colds and flu.

Successful outcomes have been noted in the treatment of serious health conditions and diseases such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, diabetes, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, Alzheimer’s and more…

How Mega Oxygen ™ works

When Mega Oxygen is taken with water, the capsule shells break down in the digestive system exposing the contents to water. Magnesium peroxide; once in contact with water, releases oxygen at a controlled rate.

The oxygen from the reaction then absorbs into the bloodstream, where it stimulates metabolism, blood circulation, redox and the immune system.

The increase in cellular metabolic activity caused by the oxygen absorption also stimulates digesting of the other ingredients, thereby enhancing their uptake and effect on the body.


  • Magnesium peroxide: 330mg
  • Sutherlandia: 50mg
  • Hypoxis Rooperi: 50mg
  • Vitamin C: 25mg
  • Selenium: 70mcg
  • Bioflavonoids

Number of capsules to be taken:

Maintenance Level – use 1 Capsule 3x daily.

Chronic diseases – 2 Capsules 3x daily (Diabetes, Asthma, Allergies, and Arthritis etc.)

Acute and serious conditions – 3 Capsules 3 x daily (wounds, HIV/Aids, Cancer, etc.)

Very Important – Drink a minimum of 250ml – 500ml water when taking the capsules. The water and the capsules have a chemical reaction in the stomach to release oxygen. Only use this product on an empty stomach OR one hour before meals OR three hours after meals to have maximum results.


Some people may have to start on a dosage of 1 cap 3 x daily and then need to add only one capsule a day to the dosage until the required dosage is reached. Remain on this dosage till the problem has been resolved and reduce to maintenance level once again.

For those on the go, that forgets to take their capsules during the day, use all three in the morning with us much water as possible. The spaced out dosages will have better results though.

Should a person feel feverish or experience headaches, increase the water intake to flush out the toxins and continue to use Mega Oxygen ™ to get maximum effects.

This product is not recommended for people that had any organ transplants (heart, intestine, kidneys, liver, lungs, pancreas and thymus).

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